Coming Soon…A Blog Overhaul

It has been a while since I have written on this blog.

Quite frankly, most of my time I’ve dedicated to my fitness blog.  It takes time to try to drive traffic…but I still need a place where I can just talk about life:  Things I’m doing, things I’ve done, what I’m wanting to do with life, and more.

I tried to use this site as an advertising blog, and it just isn’t going to cut it.  So, you’re going to see this blog change.  No more pimping a lot of MLM junk on here (although I’m still a part of a great network marketing organization, this blog is just going to be a lot more than just about business….it’s going to be a bit more “all encompassing”).

Give me a while to change all of this up.

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Priorities And Focus

Ok, I’m the first to admit that these have been two of my weakest areas over the years:  Priorities and focus.  But over the last several weeks, getting a clearer view of what I want and seeing some things in my lives and the lives of others, I have found myself looking more into this, understanding why we do what we do or, more importantly, why I don’t do what I know I need to do.

I’m probably one of the world’s worst at focus for someone who does not have ADD or ADHD.  I have goals and ambition, but sustaining that over a period of time has always been hard for me.  But what I am learning is what I was shifting my focus to is not what will get me to where I want to go.

Sure…I had fun.  I had a LOT of fun with some of the stuff I started focusing on.  But now I look at myself 8 years into my entrepreneurial career and learn that those things distracted me from becoming what I should have become.

And it’s simple things, such as hanging out with fiends instead of getting on a conference call or returning calls; playing games instead of marketing, or even just watching television instead of making progress.

My focus has been all out of whack.  Now that I have gone through some things in my personal life, I’ve learned that if I am to ever achieve what I know I can, I have to focus.

To get in focus, though, you have to set priorities.  Which is more important:  Going to hang out with the guys or putting in that bit of extra effort to get something business related done?

Or playing a game instead of doing what needs to be done, whether it is business or family?

Again, I’m writing this from my own experience.  I’m sure as you look at your life, you’ll notice similar trends (maybe in not all things, and maybe not in business, but in other things).

From observing others, I realize how easy it is to get your priorities all out of whack and the destruction it can have in your business and your personal life.  I’ve watched friends’ priorities get messed up in the last several months and the path it is taking their lives down.

The true can be said about my business, and has been true in the past.  Not doing the “right” things and doing the “wrong” things first has always kept me from making the progress I wanted.

So one of my big goals is to simply bring my priorities in line with what I want to accomplish and to focus on them until I reach what I desire.

Just some food for thought….

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Conway Arkansas Snow Day – Near Blizzard!

Today in Conway Arkansas we got the heaviest snow I remember since 1988 (I was young but remember that snowfall).  As of a bit after 4:00pm we have over 7″ of snow and it is still coming down.

Here are a couple of videos I have of the snow fall, including a very tall snowman that a neighbor built.


Leadership Series – “Leadership Gold” by John Maxell

In the next week or two I will begin a leadership series on this blog in the form of written and video.  The series will be over “Leadership Gold” by John Maxwell.  This book is 26 chapters of leadership lessons.

I know I can become a better leader, and if you are reading this, you should know that you could become a better leader too!

If you want to join the series with me, I encourage you to purchase the book and follow along with me.

The book is 26 chapters.  I plan on doing 2 chapters a week and going over what I find are the high points on this blog.  I hope during this discussion we can grow together as leaders, learn a bit about ourselves, our high points, areas we can improve on, and learn a bit.

I know what while I am growing in my home business with Zurvita, I need to develop better leadership skills.  If I plan on growing a business of thousands, I must first better myself and learn how to lead myself, my family, and then small groups of people before I can lead large groups of people.

Be watching for the start date soon.


Goal Setting In 2010 – Forget Resolutions, Take Action!

2010 is here, and it has already taken a fast and furious start for me.  I’ve been very busy with my work.  I’ve been very busy on one of my 2 main goals for the year, that being getting in the best shape of my life using P90X.

But now it is time to do what I need to be doing, and you should be too:  Forgetting about “resolutions” and take action.

Resolutions is such a funny word in how we use it.  We “resolve” to do something, but there is no real action taken with just a resolution.  In fact, Congress passes “resolutions” all of the time.  They typically recognize people, places, etc, but there is no real action, just a nicely worded phrase.

And all to often, that is what “New Years Resolutions” just end up being:  Nicecly worded phrases.

We say things like “I want to lose weight” but never get started…

We say things like “I want to change my financial future” but never take that first step….

We say things like “This year will be better than last year” yet we never do anything differently…

Nicely worded phrases.  How do you avoid this problem?

Instead of setting resolutions, set goals.  This is what April and I are doing:

1.  We’re writing down our big picture objectives.  We know what we want.

2.  We’re taking each of those goals or objectives and breaking them into sections.  Bite sized chunks, so to speak…

3.  We’re taking each of those sections and writing the actions we are going to take to make it happen.

Goals are important.  An interpretation from Proverbs says “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  If you don’t know what you want out of life, how do you expect to achieve anything?  Do you think you will just wonder into a good situation?

Goals do not work like that.  Luck does, but goals do not.

So here is what I suggest:  Get your goals down on paper.  Do it as a family, with your wife and your children (if they are old enough to participate).  Get a clear picture of what you want.  Write down the steps to achieve that.  And once you have all of that down, get to work!

Here’s to an EXCITING 2010.  I pray that you prosper in all of your goals.



The Passing Of Jim Rohn

As many know, Jim Rohn passed away this past weekend.

He was a successful network marketer, business man, consultant, and motivational speaker.  He help inspire millions to push for their dreams, some reaching, some not.  But his teachings will resound forever, profound, simple, and helpful.

I was first introduced to Mr. Rohn’s teachings around 5 years ago.  My mentor handed me a CD of a recording of Mr. Rohn.  I was amazed at how such simple concepts made so much sense.

“Don’t wish it was easier…wish you were better.  ”

This has to be my favorite quote from Mr. Rohn and yet one that I constantly need to remind myself to apply.

To Mr. Rohn, we will miss your physical person, but thank you for contributing your wisdom to us over the years.

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Internet Marketing, Blogging, And The FTC

So you want to start a blog to promote a product, recommend a service, or eventually attract advertisers who may want you to review their products and services.

Ladies and gents, say hello to big brother.

The FTC has announced that it will be watching blogs for “product reviews” and appropriate disclaimers.  In other words, be very, VERY careful about what you write about and what you state.

For instance, if you write about a weight loss product, the standard “results not typical” MAY NOT WORK as a legitimate disclaimer.  So if you write a story about someone losing 50 lbs, writing this:

“Results not typical.  Individual results may vary.”

may not cut it.  Nope….Big Brother takes it one step further.  They want you to state what typical results are for anyone who purchases the product.

In fact, Frank Kern has a humorous post on what the FTC wants.

Now…I respect the intentions of what the FTC is trying to do.  I mean, its really freakin’ easy to put up a website, a few false testimonials, and sell a product.

Real easy.


There are a lot of bloggers out there that build network marketing companies.  Are they going to have to point to their companies earning disclaimers on every post?

What about traditional companies or the owners who use a blog to communicate great things about their company.  What disclosures do they need?

The bottom line is, government control can be taken too far.  This may be one of those great examples which causes an industry to have to rethink how it operates…..some for the good, some for the bad.

Which makes me write….results not typical when reading this post.  Most who read my junk do absolutely nothing and wonder why they are not growing as Internet marketers, network marketers, or entrepreneurs.


Developing A Millionaire Mindset – A Quick Personal Lesson For Me And Others On Mindset, Focus, Goals, And Achievements

I am going to be a millionaire.  I have the millionaire’s mindset.  I don’t have the money in hand right now, but I know its there.

In building my business, I have (during many times) neglected one of the most crucial elements of success.  I have neglected personal development, making myself better, how to effectively put together goals that are attainable, and how to handle what life and business throws at me.

I never worked on developing mindset with any consistency.

I never worked on making myself more effective.

And I never applied anything I did “learn.”

But now I am spending a lot more time with personal development material.  Right now I am pulling off anything that I can find on the Internet.  There are a lot of good resources around, such as YouTube for videos of lectures from the great strategist and coaches of our times, including Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.

In particular, I’m learning what it takes to succeed….and learning about what has held me back from success.

Take a quote from  Jim Rohn I heard today on a YouTube video:

“Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.”

We all want success.  And heck, some of us want to be attractive (physically, of course).  But I believe that Mr. Rohn is saying that if you want success, you have to posture or position yourself for success.

Simply putting up a product/website does not do this.  Its a start, but not there.

Simply talking to 2-3 people about your home based business does not do it, but it is better than nothing.

I believe that in order for us all to become attractive people for success, we must work through consistency, continually building ourselves as well as our businesses.

This is one part of the millionaire mindset to create.  Better yourself, work consistently, and you will achieve whatever you want.


Tony Robbins Interviews Frank Kern And John Reese – A Must Watch Video About Mindset For Success

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Interview With Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reese

This video has been viewed by me at least 4 times since I first noticed it on Facebook.  This is a powerful reminder of having a correct mindset for success, knowing what it takes to get there, and moving beyond the inaction phase into momentum and action to achieve your goals.

There are some powerful tidbits of information in here.  Don’t miss anything!


Safe And Prosperous 4th Of July

Just wanted to wish all of my readers a safe and prosperous Independence day.  Take time to thank those who serve our country for the freedom they provide us, and have fun with family.

Most people associate prospering more with New Years than the 4th of July, but it makes perfect sense to me that “Independence Day” be extended from a historical celebration to a personal celebration of discovering wealth building techniques.

So enjoy it, find a business or method that works for you, and make it great.

Of course, if you need business help or a great business idea, drop me an email (brent@brentworley.c0m).